Brief Description

Short Course Program at UMS is a versatile non-degree program specifically tailored for international students. This program opens up a wide array of exciting opportunities for students to engage in diverse activities and experiences such as Internships, Summer Courses, Workshop, Teaching Practice and Customized Programs.

Whether it's gaining professional experience through internships, expanding academic horizons with coursework, or creating a unique educational journey through customized programs, the Student Exchange program at UMS offers international students the flexibility and diversity they need to make the most of their educational exchange experience.

Short Course Value

Participating in a student exchange program can offer a wide range of valuable experiences and benefits such as Cultural Understanding, Language Proficiency, Global Perspective, Networking, Personal Growth, Academic Enrichment, Cross-Cultural Communication Skills, Increased Self-Confidence, Personal Relationships, Increased Tolerance and Empathy, Career Opportunities, Cultural Sensitivity, Global Citizenship and more.

These values not only contribute to personal growth and development but also prepare students to thrive in an interconnected and culturally diverse global society.


The duration of the program can range from several weeks. If students are from universities in which UMS has collaboration with, then the cost will be arranged in accordance to the MoU of both universities. However, this program is also open for individuals at their own expenses.

Requirement Documents

    1. Photo (JPG/JPEG)
    2. Formal Photo with blue background, dimension 4X6 cm.

    3. Cover Passport (PDF)
    4. Make sure that you scan fully (every corner must be scanned)

    5. Passport (PDF)
    6. Make sure that you scan Page 1 and 2 fully (every corner must be scanned)

    7. Offer Letter (PDF)
    8. Return Ticket (PDF)
    9. Declaration Letter/Offer letter/Recommendation Letter